lazario (lazario) wrote,

I just read an interesting post in user: anti_porn's Journal, from one of anti's friends, named...

Queen Sass. To reply I would have had to be on their Friends list. Well before discovering this, I wrote a reply. Here it is:

I thought I was the only one who was absolutely enraged by Girls Gone Wild and Jenna Jameson and people like that who, even though this point of view is disrespectful and perhaps a little self-defeating, I consider to be freaks. How can they claim to understand anything about empowerment when all they're doing is reinforcing the stereotypes about women as sex objects? Even going so far as to continue to flaunt their connections to the most ardent fleshpeddlers, people who don't even really give a damn about these girls' well-being, when the prospect of making money or getting laid is out of the picture.
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