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My Life is Boring 1 - Day 1

Today I went to the vet to get my dog a booster shot. Got 2 CDs in the mail. Watched 2 episodes of Dawson's Creek on TBS (the place for funny shows like... Dawson's Creek?!), anyway, I'm completely positive that people are completely backward in their criticism of popular late 90s shows, this and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the series). Buffy was once a great movie and it should have stayed that way. Buffy the show sucks, and Dawson's Creek isn't that bad. Sure the dialog is sometimes as embarassing as it is on Buffy, but damn, Buffy is infinitely more annoying. I saw an episode yesterday with a scene that tried to be Law & Order! Sad, but true.

The internet is such a dark place. Today I saw a photograph of probably the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my entire life. For the sake of everyone's stomach and keeping down your lunch, I'll spare you ALL details. But it was really sick and the kind of gross that makes people vomit. Seriously.

Since this is my first Blog entry, let me tell you what you can be used to hearing from me in the future: DVDs / movies and music I plan on buying in the future. And whatever news in new releases of home video and music that I'm excited about.

For instance, yesterday was a big release day for things coming out. I think the Clueless: Whatever Edition DVD came out yesterday. But I know MGM's DVD of Without You I'm Nothing came out yesterday, which is the number one thing on my DVD wishlist right now. I'll let you know if / when I get it.

I have to go eat dinner now. See ya!
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