lazario (lazario) wrote,

What I Believe In

Let's get really boring and I'll tell you where I stand on several important issues:

Gay rights - pro, very pro
Gay marriage - pro
Women's rights - very pro
Terri Schiavo (I know she's dead now) - let the husband decide
Legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes - pro
Legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes - very anti
Hunting for sport - anti
Hunting for food or to control animal population - pro
Prayer in school - do it before classes commence or wait until classes are over for the day
Change the Pledge of Allegiance (for any reason) - anti
Gun control - anti
Right to bare arms - pro
Death penalty - pro
Rehabilitation - pro, but with a serious revamp of the current system
Religious zealots for supreme court judges - anti
Pornography - Playgirl all the way baby, Hustler and Playboy can kiss my ass
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