lazario (lazario) wrote,

Listmania! - Entry 5

Hottest Guys from Mtv's The Real World (1992-2005)

(instead of a numbered rank, I'm going to divide into 2 sections,
the first part are the hottest, the second portion guys are sexy
but not quite as hott as the first part)

Aaron (Los Angeles, 1993)
Ace (Paris, 2003)
David (Seattle, 1998)
Eric (New York, 1992)
Frank (Las Vegas, 2002)
Jason (Boston, 1997)
Landon (Philadelphia, 2004)
Matt (Hawaii, 1999)
MJ (Philadelphia, 2004)
Steven (Las Vegas, 2002)
Wes (Austin, 2005)

Danny (New Orleans, 2000)
Jamie (New Orleans, 2000)
Jay (London, 1995)
Judd (San Francisco, 1994)
Kyle (Chicago, 2002)
Mike (Miami, 1996)
Neil (London, 1995)
Sean (Boston, 1997)
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