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Friday, December 15th, 2006
11:59 am
Christmas 2006
Wow, it's been over a year now (almost a year?) and I haven't posted anything here.

Surprised? It's like procrastination. Hopefully, I'll post more, but who cares about what I have to say, anyway?

Christmas is coming, once again. I'm looking forward to it as I usually do, for the DVDs (which are pretty much all I asked for).

Current Mood: Comfortable
Saturday, December 24th, 2005
5:07 pm
Life is Hell
I'm anxiously awaiting Christmas... but I need my family to live healthier.
Thursday, September 8th, 2005
7:28 pm
What I Believe In
Let's get really boring and I'll tell you where I stand on several important issues:

Gay rights - pro, very pro
Gay marriage - pro
Women's rights - very pro
Terri Schiavo (I know she's dead now) - let the husband decide
Legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes - pro
Legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes - very anti
Hunting for sport - anti
Hunting for food or to control animal population - pro
Prayer in school - do it before classes commence or wait until classes are over for the day
Change the Pledge of Allegiance (for any reason) - anti
Gun control - anti
Right to bare arms - pro
Death penalty - pro
Rehabilitation - pro, but with a serious revamp of the current system
Religious zealots for supreme court judges - anti
Pornography - Playgirl all the way baby, Hustler and Playboy can kiss my ass
Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
9:08 pm
Listmania! - Entry 5
Hottest Guys from Mtv's The Real World (1992-2005)

(instead of a numbered rank, I'm going to divide into 2 sections,
the first part are the hottest, the second portion guys are sexy
but not quite as hott as the first part)

Aaron (Los Angeles, 1993)
Ace (Paris, 2003)
David (Seattle, 1998)
Eric (New York, 1992)
Frank (Las Vegas, 2002)
Jason (Boston, 1997)
Landon (Philadelphia, 2004)
Matt (Hawaii, 1999)
MJ (Philadelphia, 2004)
Steven (Las Vegas, 2002)
Wes (Austin, 2005)

Danny (New Orleans, 2000)
Jamie (New Orleans, 2000)
Jay (London, 1995)
Judd (San Francisco, 1994)
Kyle (Chicago, 2002)
Mike (Miami, 1996)
Neil (London, 1995)
Sean (Boston, 1997)
Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
11:16 pm
Listmania! - Entry 4 (Rank)
Rank - Hottest Actors in the Children of the Corn film series (1984-2001)

1. Greg Vaughan: Ty (Fields of Terror, 1998)
2. John Philbin: Amos (Children of the Corn, 1984)
3. Aaron Jackson: Zane (Fields of Terror, 1998)
4. Ryan Bollman: Micah (The Final Sacrifice, 1993)
5. John Patrick White: Matt (Isaac's Return, 1999)
6. Kyle Cassie: Armbrister (Revelation, 2001)
7. Paul Scherrer: Danny (The Final Sacrifice, 1993)
8. Ahmet Zappa: Lazlo (Fields of Terror, 1998)
9. Terence Knox: John Garrett (The Final Sacrifice, 1993)
10. Michael Rogers: Stan, the Gun-Crazy Tenant (Revelation, 2001)
11. Kelly Nelson: Cynical Social Studies Teacher (Urban Harvest, 1994)
12. Jim Metzler: William Porter (Urban Harvest, 1994)
13. Hiro Koda: Caleb (Fields of Terror, 1998)
14. Ron Melendez: Joshua (Urban Harvest, 1994)
15. Joe Inscoe: David Simpson (The Final Sacrifice, 1993)
16. Sean Bridgers: Jedediah (The Final Sacrifice, 1993)
17. Nathan Bexton: Jesse (Isaac's Return, 1999)
18. Matthew Tait: Jared (Fields of Terror, 1998)
19. Peter Horton: Burt (Children of the Corn, 1984)

this list is subject to change / re-arrange at any time
Sunday, August 28th, 2005
8:32 pm
Listmania! - Entry 3 (Rank)
Rank - Hottest Actors in the Nightmare On Elm Street film series (1984-1994)

1. Danny Hassel: Dan (The Dream Master / The Dream Child, 1988-89)
2. Andras Jones: Rick (The Dream Master, 1988)
3. David Newsom: Chase (Wes Craven's New Nightmare, 1994)
4. Nick Corri: Rod (A Nightmare On Elm Street, 1984)
5. Mark Patton: Jesse (Freddy's Revenge, 1985)
6. John Saxon: Donald Thompson (A Nightmare On Elm Street, 1984)
7. Matt Borlenghi: Lifeguard Jock with Whistle (The Dream Child, 1989)
8. Mickey Yablans: Jerk in Locker Room (The Dream Master, 1988)
9. Robert Rusler: Ron Grady (Freddy's Revenge, 1985)
10. Lyman Ward: Grady's Dad (Freddy's Revenge, 1985)
11. Brian Wimmer: Party Guest who wants to help Freddy (Freddy's Revenge, 1985)
12. Johnny Depp: Glen (A Nightmare On Elm Street, 1984)
13. Shon Greenblatt: John Doe (Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, 1991)
14. Rodney Eastman: Joey (Dream Warriors, 1987)
15. Nicholas Mele: Mr. Johnson (The Dream Master, 1988)
16. Clu Gulager: Ken Walsh (Freddy's Revenge, 1985)
17. Joe Seely: Mark (The Dream Child, 1989)

this list is subject to change / re-arrange at any time
7:39 pm
Listmania! - Entry 2 (Rank)
Rank - Hottest Actors in the Friday the 13th film series (1980-1993)

1. Michael B. Silver: Luke (Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, 1993)
2. Richard Young: Matt (A New Beginning, 1985)
3. Jeffrey Rogers: Andy (Part 3, 1982)
4. John Furey: Paul (Part 2, 1981)
5. John Shepherd: Tommy (A New Beginning, 1985)
6. Scott Reeves: Sean (Jason Takes Manhattan, 1989)
7. David Jacox: uncredited Boxer (Jason Takes Manhattan, 1989)
8. Thom Mathews: Tommy (Jason Lives, 1986)
9. Paul Kratka: Rick (Part 3, 1982)
10. Tom McBride: Mark (Part 2, 1981)
11. Lawrence Monoson: Ted (The Final Chapter, 1984)
12. Harry Crosby: Bill (Friday the 13th, 1980)
13. Kevin O'Brien: Loco (Part 3, 1982)
14. Crispin Glover: Jimbo (The Final Chapter, 1984)
15. unknown actor: "Gorgeous Guy" walking the deck (Jason Takes Manhattan, 1989)
16. Russell Todd: Scott (Part 2, 1981)
17. Tom Fridley: Cort (Jason Lives, 1986)
18. Bill Randolph: Jeff (Part 2, 1981)
19. Jeff Bennett: Eddie (The New Blood, 1988)
20. Corey Parker: Pete (A New Beginning, 1985)
21. John Robert Dixon: Eddie (A New Beginning, 1985)
22. Kipp Marcus: Randy (Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, 1993)
23. Marco St. John: Sheriff Tucker (A New Beginning, 1985)
24. Anthony Barrile: Vinnie (A New Beginning, 1985)
25. Mark Venturini: Victor (A New Beginning, 1985)
26. Kevin Blair / Spirtas: Nick (The New Blood, 1988)
27. E. Erich Anderson: Rob (The Final Chapter, 1984)
28. Alan Hayes: Paul (The Final Chapter, 1984)
29. Mark Nelson: Ned (Friday the 13th, 1980)
30. Michael Schroeder: Dan (The New Blood, 1988)
31. Peter Barton: Doug (The Final Chapter, 1984)

this list is subject to change / re-arrange at any time
5:25 pm
Listmania! - Entry 1
Celebrities/Actors I would sleep with (or would have)

George W. Bush (President of the United States of America, 2000-2008)
Chuck Aber
Jon Abrahams
Paul Adelstein
Ben Affleck
Carlos Alazraqui
Jonathan Antin
Steve Antin
Adrian Armas
David Arquette (late 2000 to 2001 only)
Linden Ashby
Christopher Atkins
Alan Autry
Hank Azaria (1990's and short-hair only)
Kevin Bacon (over two time periods: 1987-1988 and 1997-1998, and short-hair only)
Ben Bailey
Scott Bakula
Alec Baldwin (1987-1992 only)
Christian Bale
Urbano Barberini
Christopher Daniel Barnes (1995 to now)
John Barrett
Eric (M.) Barry
Warren Beatty (60s to early 80s only)
Jason Beghe
Darryl M. Bell (80s to early 90s only)
Drake Bell
Gil Bellows
Brian Benben
Anthony Beninati
Peter Berg
Michael Bergin
Corbin Bernsen
Jason Biggs
Peter Billingsley
Brian Bloom
Scott Bloom
Danny Bonaduce
Timothy Bottoms
Michael Bowen
Philip Boyd
Jesse Bradford (1999-2001 only)
Cliff Brand
Benjamin Bratt
Gilbert Brenton
Jeff Bridges (70s to late 90s only)
James Brolin
Josh Brolin
Ben Browder
Billy Aaron Brown
Woody Brown
Michael Buie
Robert (John) Burke
Steve Burns
Chad Burris
Alton Butler
Dan Butler
Scott Caan
Joseph Cacia
Dean Cain
Thomas Calabro
Bryan Callen
Bill Campbell
Bruce Campbell (late 70s to mid 90s only)
Nicholas Campbell
Bobby Cannavale
Max Cantor (when he was alive, obviously)
Nestor Carbonell
Steve Cardenas
John Carhart III
Jim Carrey (1996-1999 only)
Ted Casablanca
James Caviezel (anywhere except not in Passion of the Christ)
David Charvet
Byron Cherry
David Chokachi
Shawn Christian
Eddie Cibrian
Anthony Clark
Brian Patrick Clarke (1988-89 only)
Montgomery Clift (when he was alive, obviously)
George Clooney (1987-1996 only)
Dean Cochran
Eric Michael Cole
Gary Cole
Mark Collver
Scott Colomby
Jose Conseco
Dane Cook (especially 2000-2002)
Anderson Cooper
Kevin Corrigan
Jeff Corwin
Kevin Costner
Dave Coulier
Bryan Cranston
Tom Cruise (over two time periods: 1980-1986, and 1995-1998)
Brett Cullen
Alan Cumming (mid 80s to 90s only)
Allen Cutler
Nick D'Agosto
Carson Daly
Tim Daly
Jeff Daniels (80s to 1991, only)
Tony Danza
Jack Davenport
Brandon Davis
Daniel Day-Lewis (1996-1998 only)
Oscar de la Hoya
Tim DeKay
Patrick Dempsey (80s to early 90s only)
Reed Diamond
Rocco DiSpirito
Robert Downey Jr. (when he's not on drugs)
James Dreyfus
Patrick Duffy
George Eads
Aaron Eckhart
James Eckhouse
Richard Egan (50s and 60s)
David Eigenberg
Rich Eisen
Ron Eldard
David James Elliot
Sam Elliot (70s to 1982, only)
Cary Elwes
Chris Emerson
David Ensor
Ethan Erickson
Rob Estes
Emilio Estevez
Erik Estrada (late 60s to 80s only)
Rupert Everett
Bill Fagerbakke
Colin Farrell
Lance Fenton
Colin Ferguson
Mark Feuerstein
Byron Field
Paul Fitzgerald
Neil Flynn
Harrison Ford
Steve Forrest (50s to 80s only)
Will Friedle (90s only, short hair only)
Dan Futterman
James Gallanders
Matt Gallant (short hair only)
Zach Galligan
(Robert) Ben Garant
Adam Garcia (1990-1992)
Dan Gauthier
John Gaven (1950s and 60s only)
Richard Gere (80s and 90s only)
Malcolm Gets
Balthazar Getty
Thomas Gibson (90s)
Paul Gilmartin
Matthew Glave
Trevor Goddard (when he was alive, obviously)
Cuba Gooding Jr. (1991-1997 only)
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Hugh Grant (90s only)
David Barry Gray
Richard Grieco (late 80s to 1999 only)
Ioan Gruffudd
Tom Guiry
Steve Guttenberg
Jake Gyllenhaal
Brian Hall (60s to 80s only)
A.J. Hammer
Tom Hanks (late 80s to late 1994 only)
Zay Harding
George Hardy
Woody Harrelson (80s to late 90s only)
Ed Harris (70s and 80s)
Gregory Harrison
Josh Hartnett (short-hair only, and only with his mouth closed / boy, don't speak)
Noah Hathaway (short hair only)
Brad Hawkins (90s only)
Robert Hays (70s and 80s only)
Anthony Heald
Rick Hearst (aka- Rick Herbst)
Sherman Hemsley (70s)
Nicky Henson
John Henton
Martin Hewitt
Dustin Hoffman (1966-1988 only)
Josh Hoffman
William Holden (1940s and 50s only)
Iam Holm (70s)
Andy Hubbell
Rock Hudson (1950s and 60s only)
Jon Huertas
Alan Hunter
Jesse Hutch
Ben Indra
Chris Isaak
Hugh Jackman
Joshua Jackson
Billy Jacoby / Jayne (1984 to now)
Thomas Jane
Don Jeffcoat
Colby Johannson
Brad Johnson
Bryce Johnson
Don Johnson (shorter hair only)
Russell Johnson (60s and 70s only)
Dean Jones (50s to 70s)
Neal Jones (80s to mid-90s only)
Sam (J.) Jones
Mark Joy
Jeff Juday
Johnny Kastl
Nicky Katt
Allan Kayser
Matt Keeslar (short hair only)
Harvey Keitel (1992-1993 only)
David Keith
Gene Kelly (late 1930's to early 1970's only)
Kevin Kilner
Jimmy Kimmel
Ken King
Greg Kinnear (90s only, specifically 1995-1998)
Bruno Kirby (80s to mid 90s only)
Steve Kmetko
David Edwin Knight
Jordan Knight
Johnny Knoxville
David Kopp
Elias Koteas (short hair only)
Brian Krause
Nick Lachey
Lorenzo Lamas (70s and 80s only, short hair only)
Anthony LaPaglia (especially 1990-1993)
Jonathan LaPaglia
David Lascher
Andrew Lauer
Jude Law
Joey Lawrence (1998 to now, only)
Denis Leary (80s and 90s only, short hair only)
Thomas Lennon
Ray Liotta
Brian Littrell
Mario Lopez
Rob Lowe (1988 to now)
Dolph Lundgren
Eric Lutes
Stephen Lynch
Eric Mabius
Gordon MacDonald
Tim Maculan (90s only)
Michael Madsen (1990-1995)
Tobey Maguire
Michael Manasseri
Ken Marino
Marky Mark (before he attempted to became an actoure and lost muscle mass)
Jason Marsden
Steve Martin (70s and 80s only)
Tim Matheson
Christopher Mayer
Alex McArthur
Thomas McCarthy
David McConnell
Eric McCormack (short-hair only)
Dylan McDermott
Michael McDonald
John C. McGinley
Ted McGinley
Mark McGrath
Ewan McGregor
Brian McHugh
Benjamin McKenzie
Ray McKinnon (short hair only)
Michael McLafferty
Julian McMahon
Brian McNamara
Eddie Mekka
Christopher Meloni
Dale Midkiff
Martin Milner (50s and 60s)
Jimi Mistry
Ed Monaghan
Esai Morales
Phil Morris
Mark Moses
William R. Moses
Donny Most (70s only)
Dermot Mulroney
Lochlyn Munro
Cillian Murphy
David Naughton
Dylan Neal
Craig T. Nelson (70s to 1980 only)
Paul Newman (only in his older films, nothing after the late 70s)
Thomas Ian Nichols
Leslie Nielsen (late 40s to 70s, only)
Nick Nolte (70s to 1993 only)
Jeffrey Nordling
Jeremy Northam
Edward Norton
Jack Noseworthy (short hair only)
Chris Noth
Jerry O'Connell (1997 to now)
Chris O'Donnell
John O'Hurley
Michael O'Keefe (70s to 1995 only)
Ryan O'Neal
Mark Oliver (1988 to now)
Timothy Olyphant (1997 only)
Timothy Omundson
David Orth
Holmes Osborne
Clive Owen
Samuel Page
John Pankow
Ray Parker Jr.
Adrian Pasdar
Will Patton
Aaron Pearl
Craig Peck
Jonathan Penner
Matthew Perry (1996-2000)
(Dr.) Drew Pinsky
Jeremy Piven
Eyal Podell
Tyler Poelle
John Polson
Chris Potter
Anthony Perkins (Psycho, 1960's only)
Ryan Phillippe
Joaquin Phoenix
Elvis Presley (any of his boxing pictures)
Jason Presson
Jason Priestly
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Jeff Probst
Bill Pullman (1987-1994)
Dennis Quaid (mid 80s to now)
Glenn Quinn (when he was alive, obviously)
William Ragsdale (short hair only)
Kevin Rahm
Jean Luc Rebaliati
Mathew Reed
Phil Reeves
Paul Reiser (80s to late 90s)
Alfonso Ribeiro
Huntley Ritter
Jason Ritter
John Ritter (70s to early 90s only)
David Roberts
Rick Roberts
Eamonn Roche
Charles Rocket
Sam Rockwell
Channon Roe
Joe Rogan
Henry Rollins
Leo Rossi (70s and 80s only, short hair only)
Rick Rossovich
Brandon Routh
Richard Ruccolo
Alan Ruck
Paul Rudd (not after 1999)
Kurt Russell (late 70s to early 90s only)
Antonio Sabato, Jr.
William Sadler
Bob Saget (90s to now)
Chris Sarandon (80s only)
Paul Satterfield
Johnathon Schaech
Travis Schiffner
John Schneider
Magnús Scheving
Michael Schoeffling
Liev Schreiber
Travis Schuldt
Thomas Schuster (80s to early 90s only)
David Schwimmer
Peter Scolari
William Lee Scott
Seann William Scott
Stuart Scott
Matthew Settle
Corey Sevier
Rufus Sewell
Brendan Sexton III
Grant Shaud (80s to mid 90s only)
Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny, 1993-1999)
John Shea
Charlie Sheen (early to mid 90s only)
Martin Sheen (70s and 80s only)
Travis Sher
Dean Sheremet
Grant Show
Michael Showalter
Casey Siemaszko
Michael B. Silver
Jeremy Sisto (90s only)
John Slattery
Kerr Smith
Will Snow
Nick Spano
Vincent Spano (1990-1991 only)
Hal Sparks
Nick Stabile
Sylvester Stallone (over two time periods: 1969-1975, and 1989-1992)
Josh Stamberg
John Stamos (short-hair only)
Jason Steadman
Joel Stein
Parker Stevenson
Josh Stewart
Ben Stiller
Michael St. Gerard
Austin St. John
David Strickland (when he was alive, obviously)
Patrick Swayze (80s-1993)
Rod Taylor (50s-70s)
Alan Thicke
Roy Thinnes (60s and 70s)
Henry Thomas
Billy Tolzman
Robert Torti
Alex Trebek
Stanley Tucci
Johnathan Tucker
Brian (D.) Turk
Mike Tyson (though not after the tattoo and the ear-biting incident)
Brian Unger
Mark Valley
Jean-Claude Van Damme
James Van Der Beek
Barry Van Dyke
Lucky Vanous
Vince Vaughn (1997-early 1999 only)
Chick Vennera
Keith Vitali
Lyle Waggoner (50s to 70s only)
Andrew Walker
Justin Walker (90s only)
Patrick Warburton
Zack Ward
Billy Warlock
Sam Waterston (short hair only)
Scott Weinger
Kevin Weisman
Michael T. Weiss (short-hair only)
Peter Weller
John Wesley Shipp
Travis Wester
Bradley Whitford
Larry Wilcox
Jason Wiles
Rhett Jordan Wilkins
Brandon Williams
Bruce Willis
Stuart (F.) Wilson
William Windsor
Henry Winkler (70s to 1987)
Sandy Winton
Scott Wolf
Gordon Michael Woolvett
Tom Wopat
Michael Worth
Jason Wright
Robert Wuhl (I don't know when, but around late 80s to mid 90s)
David Yost
William Zabka
Ramy Zada
Steve Zahn
Ian Ziering
Adrian Zmed (80s only)

this list WILL change / re-arrange frequently

Current Mood: Take a Guess
Thursday, August 25th, 2005
8:28 am
My Boring Life - Day 2, Part 1
I'm up, and it's about time to go to work. Thank goodness I have a computer there with connection to the internet. And cable TV..., though in the backroom. Great working in a Video Store, isn't it? The pay is the upmost baren of minimum wage. But for people like me, there is very little else we do, professionally. I love this job. I've been working as a Video Clerk at a couple different locations since the 90s. One day, if my dream of becoming either a famous singer or filmmaker never pans out (my brainstorms are more inspired than most of the crap Hollywood is churning out lately!!), I hope to have my own video store.
Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
6:46 pm
I just read an interesting post in user: anti_porn's Journal, from one of anti's friends, named...
Queen Sass. To reply I would have had to be on their Friends list. Well before discovering this, I wrote a reply. Here it is:

I thought I was the only one who was absolutely enraged by Girls Gone Wild and Jenna Jameson and people like that who, even though this point of view is disrespectful and perhaps a little self-defeating, I consider to be freaks. How can they claim to understand anything about empowerment when all they're doing is reinforcing the stereotypes about women as sex objects? Even going so far as to continue to flaunt their connections to the most ardent fleshpeddlers, people who don't even really give a damn about these girls' well-being, when the prospect of making money or getting laid is out of the picture.
5:06 pm
My Life is Boring 1 - Day 1
Today I went to the vet to get my dog a booster shot. Got 2 CDs in the mail. Watched 2 episodes of Dawson's Creek on TBS (the place for funny shows like... Dawson's Creek?!), anyway, I'm completely positive that people are completely backward in their criticism of popular late 90s shows, this and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the series). Buffy was once a great movie and it should have stayed that way. Buffy the show sucks, and Dawson's Creek isn't that bad. Sure the dialog is sometimes as embarassing as it is on Buffy, but damn, Buffy is infinitely more annoying. I saw an episode yesterday with a scene that tried to be Law & Order! Sad, but true.

The internet is such a dark place. Today I saw a photograph of probably the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my entire life. For the sake of everyone's stomach and keeping down your lunch, I'll spare you ALL details. But it was really sick and the kind of gross that makes people vomit. Seriously.

Since this is my first Blog entry, let me tell you what you can be used to hearing from me in the future: DVDs / movies and music I plan on buying in the future. And whatever news in new releases of home video and music that I'm excited about.

For instance, yesterday was a big release day for things coming out. I think the Clueless: Whatever Edition DVD came out yesterday. But I know MGM's DVD of Without You I'm Nothing came out yesterday, which is the number one thing on my DVD wishlist right now. I'll let you know if / when I get it.

I have to go eat dinner now. See ya!
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